A Momentís Trust

Sometimes I think,
This is exactly where I want to be. Right on track.
What if you could whisper that,
with authenticity and authority,
at Any moment?

Midst the battle for an already lost sacred grove.
In your loverís embrace.

Stuck in argument.
At the heart of despair.
Drenched in quiet sunrise.
Beholding the first spring beauty.

This moment as valid as any other.
Donít let the infinite supply fool you.

Now is Now.
Every instant a lifetime opportunity,
to work or play or struggle,
knowing that this is where I want to be,
in the Truth of What Is.
Right on schedule.
Smack in the thick of Eternity.
Union of All There Is.
Absolutely Safe.

Each step the requisite underlayment for the next.
Necessary moments
followed by necessary moments,
all worthy of trust, honor, respect.

Trust is not hope,
or obligation;
not an obedience.
It is a throwing open.
Standing in the brilliant Sun of What Is.
Letting go into union with someone, or some circumstance.
Mutual surrender,
rather than a quid pro quo of balanced expectations.
Casting off that last line, floating into the lagoon of No Matter What.

Trust is unconditional giving, not conditional faith.
Feel safe in the Gift.
Look In to see Out.
That desire to Get What You Want blooms,
unleashing a whole new scent:
to want what you get!

As you were, as you will be, as you Are.
The Truth.
Be All of You.


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© Phil Berck 2001