Second in August


As the sacred flame dances in the mirror,
we talk of tomorrow.
Breakfast at the kitchen table for the first time in years,
on hardwood floors no longer treacherous.

A second,
many changes now unleashed.
The riverbed shifts.

Anguish dissipates, worn burdens disappear.
Certainty of loss crashes ashore in sorrow,
carving canyons in ebb and flow.
And there are new chores.
Childhood toys to enshrine,
blankets and bowls to wash just once more.

His relentless pursuit of perfection,
loyalty and duty leading the way,
setting the standard.

Still on patrol Graduation day,
slipping into that serene pool of entropy,
and swimming his heart out.

Hes some dog!



full circle on Unity Road

March 2, 1986 August 2, 2002


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Phil Berck 2002.